3. Use and Users¶

The video-lectures stressed the importance of being aware of the requirements of use and users of geo-information, in various applications. Only with that knowledge and awareness can geo-information scientists do their research, and develop the models and tools that are needed to tackle the problems related to the Earth as a system.


Resources. This is a reading exercise. You will need the document use and users.pdf, which you can download from Canvas.

The objective of the exercise is to make you aware of the relevance of users and uses of geo-information. Here, you will read about a case study where geo-information plays a key role. Then you will answer some questions. Finally, you will discuss your answers in the during the virtual classroom.

Task 1

Read the document on Use and Users. Answer the questions below, and take your answers to the virtual classroom.



  • Who are the users and stakeholders? What are their roles?

  • What are they using? (e.g. what data, information, tools, systems, etc.)

  • What are the spatial and temporal scales of the selected application?

  • From the perspective of use and users: what are the (potential) difficulties involved? What hinders (or may hinder) an effective, efficient and satisfactory use?

Section author: André Mano